History and background
Dansk Vejlederkreds
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History and background.

Klatre-Centeret started in 1990, and today it is Denmarks and Swedens largest and oldest professional school and trainingscenter for climbing, mountaineering and rope access.
Klatre-Centeret offers training and courses at all levels within climbing, mountainering and rope access..
The training and courses usually has a duration of 1 - 7 days.
Apart from these courses, Klatre-Centeret also offers longer lasting professional training, courses and educations in climbing and natural outdoor life, ie:
® (Climbing-Activity-Leader® ) -training and -authorizations in both tree- and rockclimbing and
® (Professional Rope Access Technician) -training and authorizations in Rope Access and
® Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians training and authorizations and
- 10 week study in climbing and outdoorlife
We also offer long-term professional studies in natural outdoorlife with a duration of four weeks up to one year.

Klatre-Centeret has four course- and trainingcentres.
This ensures, that you'll have optimal conditions for your course, no matter, where it is held.
Our coursecentres are placed on the rocky island, Bornholm in Denmark and in Sweden, close to Goetemburg, on Kullaberg, close to Helsingborg and right outside of Helsingborg (industrial climbing).

In 1993 Klatre-Centeret got its first course- and trainingcentre in Vang on Bornholm, on top of Denmarks largest natural climbing area.
In 1997, it was replaced with Kraklund, which is situated in Vang as well.
Kraklund was modernized with a big meetingroom, both for going through knowledge, for watching films and for socializing etc. Also indoor sleeping facilities for up to 12 persons was made and of course campinggrounds for outdoor sleepers are available as well.

In 1998 Klatre-Centeret expanded further during our cooperation with Akademin för Natur- & Friluftsliv in Sweden (Kärralund).
This enabled us to offer even more varied and more numerous courses and educations and with its proximity to the fabulous climbing in both Goetemburg and Bohuslän, Kärralund gave a new dimension to the range of courses, that we offer.

I 2006 we expanded again with Kullanäs, which as the name indicates, lies on Kullaberg and thus close to the amazing climbing on the coastal cliffs there.
With Kullanäs, we can offer logistics and facilities for our courses, both on Kullaberg and .in Hasslarp.

i 2008 we expanded further with Hasslarp, our 500 m2 large, specially made scandinavian trainingcenter for industrial climbing / rope access in the old sugarfactory there.
In Hasslarp, just outside of Helsingborg, Klatre-Centeret offers ideal conditions for training, courses and authorizations within industrial climbing in a complex, specially made, industrial environment with more than 20 meter to the roof.
This is also where we run ScanRope.
See more about Scan-Rope here.
In Hasslarp Klatre-Centeret offers training, courses and authorizations within both PRAT
® (Professional Rope Access Technician) and SPRAT®, where Klatre-Centeret is a fully acknowledged training center.
See the list of SPRAT

Klatre-Centeret is a private corporation, without public funding.

The leader of Klatre-Centeret, Christian Almer, has climbed actively since 1977.

Over the years he has climbed all over the alps, ie. in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium and Luxemburg as well as in Wales, Lake District, Peak and Scotland.

Besides he has been climbing for all these years on numerous places in the norwegian mountains, summer as well as winter.
Futhermore he has climbed on a number of locations in Sweden, particularly at Goetemburg and in Bohuslän and (of course) on Kullaberg.
Finally he has clinbed on quite a few places in Greenland.

Apart from this he has through several years been both a board member and instructor as well as course director in Dansk Bjergklub.

Furthermore he has been on the board of directors since 1993 in Dansk Vejlederkreds.
Since 1999 he has been chairman. He still holds this position.

Siden 1999, Christian Almer has worked professionally with industrial climbing (rope access), offering both rope access services and training, including the PRAT®-authorization.

In the fall of 2007, Christian Almer also became authorized rope access technician (Level III, supervisor) in SPRAT® (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians). and Klatre-Centeret today offers SPRAT®-training at all levels..

In 2008, Christian Almer was voted chairman of the tradeorganization for Authorized Rope Access, BARA.

Klatre-Centerets instructors and guides are all professional, which ao. means, that rope access, climbing, mountaineering natural outdoor life are our main interests as well as our jobs.

Our instructors are of course members ofi Dansk Vejlederkreds, the tradeassociation for professional instructors in natural outdoorlife.

Apart from this our climbinginstructors are of course also Authorizered Climbing-Activity-Leaders© (KAL©).

During our courses and training, you will meet an open and welcoming athmosphere.
We have a very favorable participant / instructor -ratio to allow for indivual wishes and preferences and to ensure, that you'll get the safest and best training.

Dansk Vejlederkreds.
The tradeassociation for professional outdoorlife (wayleading into natural outdoor life).
The association builds ao. on the decisions from the Trantjern-seminar in 1979, regarding recommendations and requirements for instructing and guiding into natural outdoorlife, which ensures high quality, both in regards to natural outdoorlife to teaching, to skills and to the safety.

You can see more on:

On our tree-, rockclimbing- and mountaineering-courses all necessary climbing-equipment is usually supplied.

Lodging mm.
With course- and trainingcentres at three of Scandinavias best climbinglocations, Klatre-Centeret can offer you ideal conditions for your climbingcourse, wether it is
- on Bornholm (Kraklund),
- near Goetemburg (Kärralund),
- on Kullaberg (Kullanäs) or
- at our newtrainingcenter in Hasslarp, where we have specialized in industrial climbing (rope access).

On our coursecentres we offer the chance to sleep both outside and inside under rugged but pleasant conditions in relation to our training.
Also our coursecentres are the natural place to gather in the evenings, both for going through stuff, for watching films etc. or just for socializing.
With a total of four coursecentres, we offer you the ideal background for your training, no matter, wether it is for rockclimbing, treeclimbing, mountaineering, outdoorlife or rope access.

Kullanäs is our coursecenter on Kullaberg in Sweden.
Only 35 km. from Helsingborg, in the middle of Kullabergs beautiful and impressive nature with a view over the ocean and just beside southern swedens best climbing, Kullanäs is ideally situated for your course on Kullaberg or even for your rope access training in Hasslarp.
We offer a beatiful and pleasant place to regenerate and sleep, either in tent or indoors.
Here we can even gather to go through stuff, watch films or just socialize.

Kraklund is situated on Bornholm and is our oldest coursecenter.
Kraklund is ideally situated with walking distance to the climbing on the coastal cliffs at Vang, possibly Bornholms best climbing.
On Kraklund we offer facilities for sleeping outside as well as inside, where have room for 12 persons
Also we have a large meeting room for going through knowledge and for gatherings in the evening.

I an abandoned sugarproduction facility in Hasslarp, you'll find our specially made Scandinavian indoor rope access training center.

Here we offer ideal facilities for our training in industrial climbing (rope access).
With more than 20 meters to the ceiling and a specially made complex, industrial environmant with ie. bridges, stairways, ladders and high, suspended gangways etc. the training, that we offer, is being both very varied and realistic and thus ideal for training rope access under all conditions.

In connection with the rope access and rescue at height training here we can offer lodging on our other coursecenter nearby, Kullanäs, only 20 minutes away.



In Hasslarp we offer rope access training and authorizations, both for

® (Professional Rope Access Technician)

and for

® (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians),

Klatre-Centeret is fully equipped trainingcenter for all levels of SPRAT

Hasslarp is also the home of ScanRope, Scandinavias largest, professional trainingcenter for rescue at height and authorized rope access

Kärralund is situated close to Goetemburg in Sweden.
Kärralund is thus ideally situated for climbing, both in Gotemburg and in Bohuslän.
With Kärralund we can offer outdoor as well as indoor lodging.
Kärralund is used on many courses, but particularly for the long term educations.

- Bornholm is simple. (Ie. you can have 2 days of climbing by leaving Copenhagen, using the ferryboat from Køge, friday night and be back, sunday at 7 pm. (traveltime, home: 2 h. 50 min.).
Call BornholmsTrafikken for further information: (+45) 56-95 18 66.
- Kullaberg (Sweden) Close to Copenhagen. (Approximately 2 nours in car or 3 hours, using public transportation).
Hasslarp (Sweden) right outside of Helsingborg.
Very easy to get to from both Sweden and Denmark.
Just one hours drive from Copenhagen International Airport.
Ao. there is bus directly from Helsingborg, and it's just a couple of minutes drive from the freeway.
(Approximately. 1 hours drive from Copenhagen. Using train and bus from Copenhagen, approximately. 2 hours.).
Goetemborg (Sweden) is eaasy to get to. (Bus, Copenhagen, 4 hours. - or ferryboat, Frederikshavn, 2 hours.).

On our clmbingcourses, we offer mandatory insurance against accidents to all our participants.
Since we startred in 1990, we have never had any severe accidents on our courses and training.
In spite of this something can always go wrong.
Since insurances usually do not cover risk activities, including climbing, we offer insurance, coveringf up to DKr. 600.000,- in case of an accident.

Also, Klatre-Centeret has made and published a leaflet, going through climbing-specific insurance questions and stuff, that you might want to consider, either as an individual or as a professional instructor / operator. You can request a copy here.

General information

Booking and signing up

Temporary confirmation
Payment and deadline
Final confirmation and course information
Terms and conditions for participation, payment and cancellation etc.

It is our aim, that all necessary information should be available on our website, but of course, you are always welcome to contact us for further information etc.
Feel free to call us on tel: (+45) 56-95 12 21
You are of also welcome to
send us an email..


When you have decided upon some training, a course or an education, you can get an overview of coursedates here.
This overview shows all open courses.
Also you can find an overview over courses with vacant places here.

When you have dicided upon a course and a date, you sign up for a course.
Signing up can be done by calling us at: (+45) 56-95 12 21.
Also you can sign up by sending us an email.

If there is a vacancy on the course or the education of choice, you will receive a temporary confirmation and an invoice, specifying payment details.
No matter what, YYou should receive a reply / temporary confirmation within 24 hours.

If possible the invoice will be sent electronically by email, possibly including a pdf-document - based invoice (Readable by Acrobat Reader, a free software, available on most computers).
Acrobat Reader can be downloaded from Adobe here.
Alternatively, you can of course also have the temporary confirmation / invoice sent by normail mail (snailmail), but you should be aware of the delay, since the dates / terms of payment are the same.

By paying the above invoice, you confirm your participation and accept our "Terms and conditions for participation, payment and cancellation etc"..
Booking is not binding, and we can not promise participation, until depostion or payment (depending on the information on the invoice) is received on time.
We make a point of stressing, that you can not count upon participation, if the deadline for payment is not met. The very favorable relation between the numbers of participants and the number of instructors on our courses necessitates this.
Delayed payment thus means, that the vacant place / places will be made available again as soon as the deadline for payment is passed and no payment has been received
On that background we therefore strongly recommend, that you pay on time.

After receiving timely payment time, you wilI receive a mail / letter with final confirmation of your participation, including practical information etc.


Participation in our training, courses and educations etc. is done at your own risk and responsibility
By booking and participating you accept this.
Even though we have never had any serious accidents, we offer a mandatory accident-insurance on our courses, and the cost for this (DKr. 60,- / day) will be added to the invoice.

Normally all open courses are being held regardless of ie weather etc.
To ensure a high professional competent and secure standard, we keep a very low number of participants on all our training, courses and educations.
This means, that we have to have payment in advance and on time, since we can not otherwise guarantee your participation on the course / education.

Even though we try our best to keep the ratio of participants / instructors as favourable as possible, we reserve the right to adjust the numbers of participants, according to the situation.
Ie. we can can of course only guarantee, that a new instructor is put on the course, when the number of participants allows this.
In case there might be more participants than stated as the standard, the curriculum and content of the course will of course still be fully taught and gone through, though the days might thus become a little longer.
By a lower number of participants, than stated as the standard, it may also happen, that we compress the course and thus the course duration might thus be shortened, though the ratio between particpants and instrucor will thus be more favorable than the standard.

By booking, you pay either a deposit of the full price of the course, training or education.
Deposit usually constitutes
1/ 3 of the total price.
The rest of the payment or the full amount is paid at least 4 months before the course / the education starts.

Booking is always specific to a given course / training etc. and can not be changed without both parties aggreeing upon this in advance.
By cancellatiion from the participant, nothing is refunded, unless we succed in selling another, similar course on the same date / dates.
By cancellation from the participant less than four months before the course, training or education, the full fee is paid in any case.

By delayed payment of deposit, course fee or residual amount, a fee of DKK. 150,- and an interest of 2% for every month started, will be charged.

Rebate :

If you are 3 persons or more, who would like to participate upon one of our open courses simultaneously, and you therefore could have "your own instructor", we can offer 10% rebate (doesn't count for introductory courses for groups)
To get the rebate, you need to book simultaneously and you will get only one confirmation.


Order information
as well as an overview of our coursedates, pricelist and special material for each course etc.


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